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General Information:

Payments – All payments paid to your child’s account will be processed through our website software. You have the ability to view your account at any time through Studio Director. You will also have the ability to update any contact info to your account. The website to access your account is If you are a new member you will first need to go the site, then click “forgot password”. You will then enter the email address you provided on your registration form and chose a new password for your account.

Website – The CCA website is a very valuable tool that you can access at any time. You will also make any tuition payments on the website. 

You will also find monthly calendars and updates on the website. Please check it frequently so that you are up to date with any information.

Inclement Weather – In the event of an emergency or inclement weather, we will notify all members through email. We will also post it on the website and if possible on the gym’s voicemail. We do NOT follow Chesterfield County Public schools closings, so please double check before assuming that the gym is closed.

Private Lessons – If you are interested in your child taking private tumbling/cheering/stunting lessons at CCA, all you need to do is ask one of our staff if they are available. You are able to take private lessons any time the gym is open. The cost is $25 per half hour and $50 per hour. Payment is made directly to the instructor by cash or check. We cannot accept credit card payments for private lessons. You can share a lesson with a friend and split the cost. Private lessons are very effective when your child is learning a new skill or just needs some extra one on one time to get a skill perfected. Gym accounts must be current in order to take a private lesson.

Practice Policy – Please consider all practices mandatory. Attendance is crucial to the teams success. If you are unable to make a practice you must call the gym or send an email to let the coaches know. You may be removed from the team at any time for an unexcused absence. There will be a $20 missed practice fee for no call/no show or unexcused absences from practice.

Excused Absences: Contagious Illness, School function that affects grade, Death in the Family, Vacation During Summer (excludes choreo dates,

Unexcused Absences:  School dance, Traffic, Too much homework, Feeling tired, Don’t have a ride, and Rec/Middle/High school cheerleading or any other sport Injuries

Please do not use cheerleading practice as a way to punish your child. The team is depending on your child to be at practice. Practices are open to parents except for the week leading up to a competition. On competition weeks, the gym will have closed practices. This helps ensure the kids are focused on their team without any distractions. All practices the week leading up to a competition are MANDATORY. These practices cannot be missed for any reason. Failure to attend a practice the week of competition will result in your child not performing. If you are bringing other children in to the gym please keep in mind that they need to stay seated and are not allowed on the equipment at any time. If you are bringing food and drink in to the gym please make sure you properly dispose of your trash.

At no point during a practice should a parent yell on to the floor, pull their child off of the floor, or come on to the practice floor. If there is a situation specific to your child and their team’s practice, please see the coaches after practice or during a break. Please remember to keep all comments made in the gym positive. We will not tolerate any parent speaking poorly of the gym, the teams, the coaches, or any child on the teams.

Competition Policy – All members are required to attend competitions. The final competition schedule will be sent out in August. Each individual is responsible for transportation to each competition, and lodging if necessary . We will block a set of hotel rooms for out of town events, but you are not required to stay with the team (unless it is a “Stay to Play” event). There will be a $100 fee applied for any competitions missed for any other reason than injury. Competition fees are paid well in advance and there will not be a refund issued for any reason if a competition must be missed. Failure to turn in a competition waiver form will result in a $10 fee. While at competition, each CCA member and parent is a direct reflection of Cheer Challenge All-Stars. All cheerleaders must conduct themselves in a professional manner and show good sportsmanship. They are to arrive at the competition on time and in their CCA warm-up. A detailed competition itinerary will be sent out the week leading up to a competition. All members need to be present for the awards ceremony and in full uniform. Most competitions have a spectator fee that fans and parents are required to pay to gain entry to the event. This amount varies by company, and we will publish this information with the event itinerary. Your athlete’s participants fee will be covered by their competition fee that is listed on the Program Cost page. We encourage all parents to get involved and show spirit at competitions. This helps the teams get pumped up and gives a more energetic feel to each performance. Please feel free to make signs, posters, and wear team colors. No athlete will be allowed to perform with any piercing. No clear spacers or band-aids will be permitted to cover any piercings. Please refrain from getting any new piercings during the competition season. This a USASF safety violation and if an athlete is seen performing with a piercing, their team will have a deduction or face being disqualified.

Treatment Publicity Liability Release:

I authorize any licensed physician to render necessary emergency treatment for injury or serious illness when neither parent can be reached and will assume all financial responsibility for such treatment. I acknowledge that the above participant must have hisher own medical insurance. I understand that cheering camps, competitions, practices, clinics and gymnastics equipment have an inherent danger in participation and that in spite of all precautions and accident preventatives, accidents do occur. I further acknowledge that each participant has elected to participate in Cheer Challenge All-stars, Inc. at their own risk and will not hold Cheer Challenge All-stars, Inc., their employees, Branchway LLC, or any hired clinicians  or instructors liable in any way if an injury occurs. The undersigned does hereby grand Cheer Challenge All-stars, Inc and its successors, the unrestricted right to use the undersigned name, likeness, or appearance on any Cheer posters, calendars, photography, flyers, video material, websites, or similar promotional material to promote or market Cheer Challenge All-stars, Inc. The undersigned does hereby expressly release and waive any demand, action, claim, license, royalty, or other form of payment to the undersigned, and his or her agents, representatives or assigns, may have based on claims of the undersigned as to rights of privacy, publicity, notoriety or any other rights arising out of or relating to any use by Cheer Challenge All-stars, Inc. of the undersigned name, likeness, or appearance.

Financial Agreement:

As the Responsible Party, I hereby agree as follows and my signature at the bottom of the page and clicking Submit legally adhere my acceptance of this agreement:

• I have read and fully understand this Information Packet.

• I fully understand the financial and time commitment that my family must make to be a part of Cheer Challenge All-Stars, Inc.

• I fully understand that monthly tuition is due every month on the 1st of the month.

• I fully understand that my child is committed to a team sport and must make every attempt to attend every practice.

• I fully understand that in addition to monthly tuition I am also financially responsible for all other fees listed in this packet and that they are due on their exact due dates.

• I fully understand that I will be charged a late fee if any of my fees are not paid in a timely manner.

• I fully understand that my credit card on file will be charged if I fail to pay the amount due on the specified due dates.

• I fully understand that if my child quits the program or is removed for any reason, I will not be eligible for a refund for any fees paid. I will also not be eligible for a refund on any monies raised through fundraising. Fundraising money can carry over to the following season, but cannot be refunded at the end of the season for any reason.

• I fully understand that if my account falls 30 days past due, my child will not be able to participate in practices until the balance is brought current.

• I fully understand that if my account falls 90 days past due, my account will be sent to collections or small claims court. In the event of this, I will be responsible for any and all fees associated with this process.

• I fully understand that all comments made in the gym should be positive. I understand that if I am caught talking negatively about the gym, Cheer Challenge All-Stars, Inc., athletes, parents, coaches, or teams that I may be required to wait outside during practices or removed from the program.

• I fully understand that the Cheer Challenge All-Stars, Inc. name and logo are trademarked and that I am not allowed to create apparel of any kind without direct consent from Cheer Challenge All-Stars, Inc. officers.


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